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Pedicures and Manicures
St Albert Spa


Skin Care

Our St Albert spa nail area is  a clinically clean space. We use one time use pedicure liners and files. 

We pride ourself on being a safe and inclusive space for everyone. 

We are a social space and it is usually bustling with energy. If you prefer a quiet treatment, please let us know and we will ensure you are scheduled during our quiet periods.  

We are also fully licensed with a fantastic menu of beverages to enjoy! 

Natural Cosmetics

Enjoy the many treatments that our St Albert Spa can offer:


*Spa Manicure


*Spa Pedicure

*Luxury Spa Pedicure

*Gel Nails

*Gel polish

We at Off the Hook Laser and Spa, have a vast array of polish choices. Brands include Sparitual, Artistic, OPI, and Orly. 
St Albert Spa

Nail Polish
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