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Laser Hair Removal


How does laser hair removal work?

At Off the Hook we use a Cutera Coolglide laser, Lumenis Lightsheer Cynosure Elite and a Janssen Pro Intense Pulse Light(IPL). The Coolglide is an infrared laser (1064nm) that is safe to use on all skin types. We can laser tanned skin and dark skin safely. The Lumenis Lightsheer is a diode cynosure Elite is an Alexandrite (755nm)/Yag(1064nm) blend. 

IPL can release light over a wide wavelength range, unlike lasers, which can only deliver one specific, yet very powerful, wavelength. The importance of wave lengths is that different wave lengths are absorbed by different colors (chromophores). We do not often use our IPL for hair removal, it is designed for skin rejuvenation. It is ideal for photofacials that can target pigmentation, and vascular issues in the skin. These can can also lift and firm the skin.

Laser is simply concentrated light energy. When the light finds an attraction, the energy is absorbed and turns to heat energy. The attraction for laser hair removal is the pigment melanin. Laser energy passes through the skin to the hair follicle where the energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Heat is generated and diffuses to the surrounding hair follicle, damaging and destroying the hair root. The laser is turned on for only a fraction of a second so that the energy is absorbed by the hair without damaging the surrounding skin.



  • Skin disease (acute or chronic)

  • Diabetes

  • History of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions

  • History of keloid formation

  • Use of photosensitive medications, or medications which warn against the use of 1064 wave length, (laser), light. This includes treatment with accutane within one year

  • Active infections of herpes simplex in the area to be treated

  • Pregnancy

  • Epilepsy


How does electrolysis hair removal work?

Electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.  It does require multiple sessions to achieve the best possible results.

Regardless of the cause—heredity, metabolic, or hormonal conditions—electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair.

How It Works

Essentially, electrolysis works by disrupting all hair growth. The process works by inserting a fine probe into the skin.


It uses shortwave radio or direct current in hair follicles to stop new hair from growing. This procedure damages your hair follicles to prevent growth and causes existing hairs to fall out."

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