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What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis puts an end to unwanted hair growth by disrupting the growth process, quite literally at the roots. When you undergo treatment a fine filament is carefully inserted into each individual hair follicle and a quick electrical charge is applied. Once the follicle cells are treated, they stop producing hair.

Women and men the world over have benefitted from electrolysis treatments since it was introduced over 125 years ago. Not only have numerous studies been done to validate the safety and effectiveness of electrolysis, but continuous improvements have been made over its history to produce the best results.

Electrolysis is ideal for hair removal from any body part. Women tend to utilize the process to get rid of unsightly facial hair and removing hair from the leg and bikini line. Men tend to use electrolysis for removing back and chest hair, along with shaping beards and reducing leg hair. Either can use electrolysis to remove ingrown hairs and to shape eyebrows and hair lines.

Laser and Spa laser and Spa laser and spa


Does it Hurt?

If you’re considering electrolysis hair removal, you may be worried that treatment is going to be painful. That is one of the biggest misconceptions about electrolysis out there. Done well, electrolysis is not a painful experience. Even the most sensitive person can tolerate the treatments with proper care.

The truth is that electrolysis treatments do sting for a very brief period during treatment, but the sensation fades quickly. It’s more a feeling of discomfort than pain and it does not last.

                  How many treatments does it take?

The total number of treatments will vary from area to area and person to person.  Your hair type, location, hormones, and previous removal methods used all affect your treatment.


For course hair, like beards or bikini line for example, more sessions will be needed.  


Your treatment may take quite a lot of time, but with sessions spaced apart. Once you're done though, you're done!

laser and spa laser and spa laser and spa laser and spa

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