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Brazilian / Full Monty
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Brazilian hair removal has become very popular and it is no wonder why. Hair removal "down there" has some great benefits. no more ingrown hairs, no more shaving injuries, no more maintenance!

Full Monty

A Full Monty is the same as a Brazilian but it also includes lasering the hair up the back side. Most people have hair here and we are completely comfortable removing it. In fact, it is our most popular treatment.

Hair Extension Colors

First time at OTH laser and Spa for a Brazilian/Full Monty?

You have many options! Some people leave some hair on top and others take it all off.


There is no right or wrong: it's all about what you are most comfortable with. If you have not done hair removal before,

we would recommend clipping it all off with an electric razor.

This will give you an idea of what it will look like but without the commitment.


Clipping, rather than shaving, prevents the itch and the rash that you can get after shaving. It also gives you some time to get used to the new look and to experiment with some different "styles" that will suit you best. Some people leave a vertical strip of hair (racing strip), some leave a small triangle shape, some leave a dot of hair, and some just take it all off. When it's time to laser, shave the hair you would like to be lasered (with a blade, in the shower) and leave the hair you would like to keep.

Eyebrow Wax

Tips for hair

  • Clipping the hair (instead of shaving it) prevents the rash, itch, and ingrown hairs you can get after shaving. I recommend clipping for "in-between maintenance." Prior to your laser treatment, shaving with a blade in the shower is best (the night before or morning of your treatment).

  • You do not get ingrown hairs with lasering like you do with waxing or shaving.

  • Many who have had ingrown hairs have a small reddish purple bump left on the skin afterward. Generally, this is an area of hyper-pigmentation (not true scaring) and will heal completely. It can take up to a year for all abnormal coloring to subside.

  • Baby bum cream (zinc cream) helps prevent/treat razor bumps and the rash that you can get after shaving with a blade. if you have been to our laser and spa, you know, zinc is our magic word for everything!


  • All doctors see hair removal nowadays. A change in your hair will not shock any doctor. He or she probably won't notice or care that there has been a change "down there." I asked my doctor what people are doing these days and she said "I see everything: no hair, colored hair, tattoos, jewelry, piercing. You name it, I've seen it" laser and spa laser and spa laser and spa

  • When the time comes, no one will think you are weird if you are in a nursing home and have no pubic hair. Many of the elderly lose a substantial amount or all of their hair as they age. It is much easier to clean someone and keep them clean when they do not have pubic hair. Believe it or not, this is a big concern for a lot of people!

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